Santa and the Littlest Angel:A Christmas Story, Retro Comics 13, Christmas 1

Santa and the Littlest Angel:A Christmas Story, Retro Comics 13,  Christmas 1
Author: Julia M. Busch
Language English
Pages: 98
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: November 27th 2013 by Anti-Aging Press, Inc.

Best Selling Kindle Author Presents… Santa and the Littlest Angel with over 70 full color, full page illustrations! The LITTLEST ANGEL IS SOOOOO LOST and SOOO COLD… HE NEEDS HELP!!! Be there when The Littlest Angel… Falls fast asleep because he’s so tired from cleaning the stars to make them sparkle for Christmas Eve. Floats down to Earth on his little cloud. Be there when: He awakens and realizes he’s lost and freezing in the snow. The animals in the forest come to help. The doe licks the snow from the littlest angel’s hair and takes him deep into the forest to snuggle for warmth with the other deer. The squirrels brush off the snow from the little angel with their tails after everyone falls out of the tree and is buried in the snow. The chipmunks ride with the littlest angel on the deer’s backs to the woodchopper’s cabin to ask for help. Be there when: Santa and Rudolph and all the reindeer come flying through the sky. Santa discovers the little angel all of heaven is searching for. Santa pulls his mitten, feet first, over the little angel to keep him warm Santa takes the littlest back to heaven in time for all the Christmas Fun! A Warm, Loving Christmas Story from Retro Comics.

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