Banged by Everyone: At Spring Break (Public Crowd Strangers,1st Time Gang)

Banged by Everyone: At Spring Break (Public Crowd Strangers,1st Time Gang)
Author: Mia Masony
Language English
Pages: 16
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 2.50
Published: March 14th 2015

"I’ve never seen such a sexy body covered up by such a full bathing suit... Let’s see what’s underneath that you've kept hidden for so long." 19-year-old Rebekah is a completely inexperienced and innocent college student, having grown up in an overly protective and sheltered religious family. Her best friend Brett has shown her the ways of the world while their friendship has blossomed on campus. He’s paid for her to go to Miami Beach on Spring Break with him and his frat buddies. Rebekah hopes that their budding romance will blossom even more during the vacation. But once she’s having a good time on the beach, Rebekah discovers that Brett and his friends have plans in store that will change her in ways she’s never imagined. Brett wants to take her for the first time in the sand, hard and without protection and with everyone watching. And his friends want to share her and fill her up. Initially reluctant, will Rebekah feel humiliated once she’s on public display and being used by Brett and strangers in front of a crowd? Or will she enjoy being stretched wide and stuffed to the limit, and pounded by more than just the waves, while on Spring Break? This approximately 5,500 word erotic short story is too hot and steamy to completely describe here. Be sure to LOOK INSIDE for a juicy preview and continue reading for a first time MFMMM experience certain to wet your panties and fulfill your wildest fantasies.