Hidden Trump

Hidden Trump
Author: Mark Henwick
Language English
ISBN10: 0957374631
Genre: Fantasy
Series Bite Back
Goodreads Rating: 4.13
ISBN13: 9780957374638
Published: December 20th 2012 by Marque

“I knew I was going to be betrayed this week.” Amber Farrell, Denver PI, is coming to terms with being part of the paranormal community, but she’s about to find that includes very dangerous responsibilities for her. Nothing is quite what it seems, least of all, Amber herself, and to survive, she must form alliances with powerful groups whose interests are in conflict. But she knows she’s expendable and betrayal is inevitable. Denver is hosting a meeting of the opposing Athanate creeds who are stirring after a hundred years of peace. War between them would be disastrous for everyone, human and paranormal, and it’s Amber who’s being blamed for the troubles in the run-up to the Assembly. And it’s going to get very personal…