Highland Ecstasy

Highland Ecstasy
Author: Mary Burkhardt
Language English
Pages: 384
ISBN10: 0821741446
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.69
ISBN13: 9780821741443
Published: April 1st 1993 by Zebra

SHE HAUNTED HIM WITH PASSION When his youngest brother fell on the field of battle --- and King George stripped him of his title and lands --- Ian Sinclair swore everlasting vengeance against the English crown. But first the enraged laird had to regain possession of his rightful home. So when Lady Myrtle Prescott showed up, the "Ghost of Kilmarock Castle" set out to scare the pampered heiress away. But nothing seemed to frighten the feisty lass . . . not even his spirited nightly visitations! Then Ian got his first captivating eyeful of her bonny charms, and it was he who was haunted --- by the fiery passion she aroused with just one soul-stirring kiss! HE MADE HER SWOON WITH DESIRE When her father died unexpectedly, Lady Myrtle journeyed to Scotland to claim her Highland inheritance. Yet from the moment she arrived at Kilmarock Castle, strange things began happening .

. . like a late-night visit from a white-masked intruder with decidedly unghostlike ways! How else could the sensible beauty explain her all-too-real response to the apparition's amorous attentions? Seductive phantom or flesh-and-blood lover, Myrtle couldn't get enough of his clandestine caresses. Let him play the bold deceiver. She'd gladly join him in his midnight masquerade . . . for the promise of a lifetime spent in the unending ecstasy of his haunting embrace! Swearing vengeance against the British crown for the death of his brother and the loss of his title, Ian Sinclair's first act of revenge lands him in the arms of the pampered Lady Myrtle Prescott.