Knock the Hustle: How to Save Your Job and Your Life from Corporate America

Knock the Hustle: How to Save Your Job and Your Life from Corporate America
Author: Hadji Jon Steven Williams
Pages: 384
ISBN10: 1932523006
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN13: 9781932523003
Published: October 31st 2005 by ProdigalPen, Inc. Publishing

It's time to get out from under. Corporate America is being co-opted and corrupted by THE HUSTLE-the corrosive belief in profits over people. Arrogance and agendas over possibilities. Constructs and paradigms over good business sense. Under THE HUSTLE only MBAs can be CEOs and only CEOs can be leaders and all leaders should have white skin. THE HUSTLE preaches that professionalism must wear suits, clock 70-hour weeks, and love their jobs as much as their relatives.

THE HUSTLE is sparing no industry, no class or gender, and taking no prisoners. But THE HUSTLE can be knocked. KNOCK THE HUSTLE: How to save Your Job and Your Life from Corporate America by Hadji Williams, noted 15-year vet of the straight-laced advertising industry and product of Chicago's grimy West and South sides. KNOCK THE HUSTLE is a Molotov cocktail of MBA-caliber case studies and inside dope on Fortune 500 power hitters including: AT&T, Cingular Wire, Bayer, Ford Motors, Mercedes Benz, Wm. Wrigley Co., and such, mixed with raw street knowledge, cutting-edge solutions, wild industry antics and out-the-box characters. And it's all shaken and stirred with uncommon sense and unflinching clarity. The result will leave blocks, boardrooms, cubicles, chatrooms, and campuses buzzing for decades.