How To Taste It At The End Of The Day

How To Taste It At The End Of The Day
Author: Inez Reilly
Language English
Pages: 262
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.00

Winston Harlon lives in the busy, exciting New York City. He is young, handsome, intelligent, and successful. Through the chaos of the City, he finds the love of his life, a woman, named Charity, who has pledged herself to celibacy until marriage. Attraction, wit, intelligence, and romance ignite a bond between Winston and his Charity that cannot go unnoticed, uncelebrated, or suppressed. The love's journey that ensues seems like it cannot get any better, yet the relationship continues to electrify Winston and Charity as they work within the physical boundaries of their affair. The couple-in-love must not only deal with their feelings for each other, but also deal with the feelings of their friends and family members as Winston and Charity's relationship changes interactions with everyone in their immediate lives. Love's journey meets tragedy, and Winston is left to battle the demonic forces of grief and depression. He journeys to, and is trapped in, a downward spiral, welcoming his descent to despair, at times. Winston spends a lot of time in turmoil, wondering how God can be a good God, or even exist, and such fate meet Charity. With the help of his pastor, parents and an unlikely group of globetrotting seniors, Winston begins to walk out of despair as he faces the torment that challenges his beliefs, faith, and existence. From undying love to powerful loss to flourishing healing, walk with Winston as he experiences situations inevitable to humankind - emotional roller coasters that test staying power. It is a story that is getting rave reviews and some are even reading the story for a second time.