24: The Official Companion Season 6

24: The Official Companion Season 6
Author: Tara Bennett
Language English
Pages: 144
ISBN10: 1845766555
Genre: Uncategorized
Series 24: The Official Companion
Goodreads Rating: 3.89
ISBN13: 9781845766559
Published: February 26th 2008 by Titan Books

The worldwide hit television series 24 introduced us to Jack Bauer, a Special Agent at the Los Angeles branch of CTU — the Counter-Terrorist Unit. Over the past six seasons, millions of viewers have avidly followed Jack’s adventures, as the seconds tick by on the heady mixture of personal and political intrigue that makes 24 television’s most intense and suspenseful drama. Go behind the scenes of this unique show with a full colour guide to the sixth season. In addition to episode breakdowns, unseen pictures and interviews with the cast and crew. This companion features even more in-depth episode guides and features on the shows heart-stopping stunts, plus a free DVD that takes you behind the scenes of 24, including interviews with the shows stars and production team. This bonus DVD features the following 88 mins of rare footage: 1. 24: Changing All the Rules (25 mins): The creators and producers discuss different aspects of the show including: conception, writing, choosing storylines, developing characters, finding the actors, killing the characters and Jack. The interviews are interspersed with clips from seasons 1-5 of the show. 2. Keepin It Real: The Stunts and Special Effects of 24 (30 mins): This opens in the same way as the first film and involves interviews with the stunts and special effects crew and Emmy-award-winning producer/director Jon Cassar interspersed with clips from seasons 1-5 of the show. 3. 24 The War on Terror: Can Truth Learn From Fiction? (33 mins): A film of a panel discussion with an audience, panelists included the member of the LA City Council in charge of terrorist threats, a former JAG and war crimes prosecutor, a former government official, director of Security and Peace Initiative and a RAND terrorism expert, along with members of the 24 cast and crew, including the three main producers (Joel Surnow, Howard Gordon and Evan Katz) and the three main cast members from season 5 (Kiefer Sutherland, Jean Smart and Greg Itzin). The discussion is interspersed with clips from the show and audience questions.