Jagged Love

Jagged Love
Author: Nicole Simone
Language English
Genre: New Adult
Goodreads Rating: 3.66
Published: December 8th 2014 by Nicole Simone

"I stared at our entwined fingers. His, calloused and stained with color.

Mine, nails bitten to the quick and scarred. We had lived two parallel existences yet somehow fate brought us together." To the outside world I’m a normal twenty three year old woman - brown hair with caramel colored highlights, gray blue eyes and French manicured tips.

What they don’t see are the map of scars etched into my skin or the barb wired wrapped around my heart. As the saying goes, it only takes one person to change your life. That person for me was Andrew. From the moment we locked eyes I was hooked. He was intriguing, a word that doesn’t get used lightly. Men were a dime a dozen, but Andrew was special. I could tell in the way he spoke, passionately and without reservation. As our fates collide, he begins to show me the light amongst the darkness. However, when a secret from Andrew’s past emerges, the fragile foundation of trust we built becomes threatened. Our story is a jagged piece of glass, beautifully imperfect. Will it survive the fall or will blood be drawn? Jagged Love is recommended for ages 17+ due to adult matters.