A Garden Dream

A Garden Dream
Author: Jea Hawkins
Pages: 193
Genre: Fantasy
Series The Ashland Witches
Goodreads Rating: 4.41
Published: July 12th 2017

Can love heal a broken heart? Emma and Crystal have been together for seven years, but now it looks like it’s over. The pain of infidelity lingers between them. Vowing to give their relationship another chance, Emma and Crystal go on a road trip at the suggestion of their friends, the circle of witches Emma has led through good times and bad. After a mysterious desert encounter, Emma and Crystal set their feet on a new path – a path to forgiveness. Step by step, Emma and Crystal learn once again to trust one another and to let love guide them. But this isn’t so easy to do. Will they each come into their own as women and witches, and let go of the past betrayals? This is a lightly paranormal lesbian romance about two good witches re-finding love.