Pharaohs and Mortals

Pharaohs and Mortals
Author: Torgny Säve-Söderbergh
Language English
Pages: 318
ISBN10: 0760700419
Genre: Cultural
Goodreads Rating: 3.25
ISBN13: 9780760700419
Published: 1996 by Barnes & Noble Books (NY)

Pharaohs & Mortals reveals how little human nature has changed. Here are brought to life human types very much like those of our own world: the lonely soldier at a far-flung outpost; the grubby schoolboy; the career woman; the propagandist; the demagogue; the bootlicking minor executive; the conservative--all variety of personalities that make up a highly complex civilization. Nor have human hopes & disillusionments changed much over the centuries.

In Pharaohs & Mortals readers will find postwar questionings, the enthusiasms of new deals & new frontiers, labor conflicts, & the threat of opposing economic & political systems to the establishment. Thru all the skillfully selected episodes in Pharaohs & Mortals shines the continuum of history.