The House Where the Hardest Things Happened: A Memoir About Belonging

The House Where the Hardest Things Happened: A Memoir About Belonging
Author: Kate Young Caley
Language English
Pages: 176
ISBN10: 0877880735
Genre: Autobiography
Goodreads Rating: 3.65
ISBN13: 9780877880738
Published: December 16th 2003 by Shaw Books

“Then one morning my [Sunday school teacher used my mother] as an example of sin for our on.… I remember asking my mother, ‘What does hypocrite mean?’ She couldn’t find a way to answer. I started to cry. She set her jaw. That was the last Sunday we went.” Growing up in a small town in New Hampshire, Kate Young Caley attended a strong community church where everyone was treated like family, members selfly helped one another, and all the kids were made to feel special. Then, suddenly, everything changed. Her father was hospitalized for many months and her mother was forced to take a job as a waitress to support the family. But the job required Kate’s mother to serve alcohol, which went against the church’s covenant, and the family, banned from attending services, soon found itself emotionally ostracized from the community. In this compelling memoir, Kate Young Caley recounts the hurt and confusion she felt as a young girl, her subsequent questions concerning the Church, and her thoughtful and determined personal journey back to God. At once the story of a family profoundly transformed by tragedy and an incisive look at the meaning of God’s love, The House Where the Hardest Things Happened beautifully illustrates what it’s like to try and find God when you’ve been told you have no right to Him.