Bared Secrets: The Naked Truth - Book Two

Bared Secrets: The Naked Truth - Book Two
Author: Mason Lee
Language English
Pages: 88
Genre: Romance
Series The Naked Truth
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: April 6th 2015 by Roja Publishing

Book Two of The Naked Truth series! Brent has been in disguise for so long that it comes second nature. Married with kids, he keeps his longings at bay and tucked neatly in the closet, always wondering if his college fling was just that or something much more. Now, with a new sexy, Irish, and completely out-of-the-closet boss at work, who seems to have an eye for Brent, he's about to find out what his deepest, darkest feelings are all about… After finally having each other in Riley's apartment, all Brent can think about is the next moment when he will be able to sneak away, into Riley's open arms once more. Lying and keeping secrets has been a part of Brent's life for so long that it’s almost second nature. But this time, he knows that he can't fully love Riley while in the closet. Telling his wife won't be easy, but he's willing to risk it for the man he loves…or is he? Praise for Mason Lee: "Very spicy read. Would make a great movie. Quick read but was juicy. Shows everyone has a little curiosity. Looking for volume 2" "My first erotic book and I have to say it was really hot and I really enjoyed it! I recommend this short book!"