The Curse of the Buttons

The Curse of the Buttons
Author: Anne Ylvisaker
Pages: 240
ISBN10: 0763661384
Genre: Historical
Series The Buttons
Goodreads Rating: 3.90
ISBN13: 9780763661380
Published: October 29th 2014 by Candlewick Press

Fans of the hap Button family will thrill to this Civil War prequel, featuring the inimitable "Granddaddy Ike" as a boy. "Eleven is not too young for war," Ike said to Barfoot, who swished his tail agreeably, then lumbered to the yard table and stuck his nose in an unattended pie. When a steamboat arrives heralding the news that Iowa has been called up to represent the Union of the United States of America, Ike is beside himself with excitement. For months, the promise of war has enveloped small-town Keokuk like a grand game that everyone’s in on — everyone but Ike, his swaybacked pony, and his best friend and checkers partner, Albirdie. Left behind with Mother and the aunts and girl cousins while the Button men march forth toward glory, Ike’s fate is sealed. Un he can call on the ingenuity of his fabled (some say cursed) ancestor — the adventuresome Uncle Palmer — seek passage to Missouri disguised as a drummer boy, and meet up with the Iowa First.

But some opportunities are meant to be missed. And some arrive when you least expect them.