The New Pony

The New Pony
Author: Catherine Hapka
Language English
Pages: 32
ISBN10: 0062086731
Genre: Childrens
Series Pony Scouts
Goodreads Rating: 3.89
ISBN13: 9780062086730
Published: March 5th 2013 by HarperCollins

The Pony Scouts are becoming better at riding with every on.

But just when they think they've seen it all, a new horse arrives on Jill's farm—one who hasn't been ridden before! Taffy is a beautiful palomino pony that needs Jill's help. With a little patience and a lot of love, Jill and the Pony Scouts will make Taffy a member of the family. This is the seventh title in the Pony Scouts I Can Read series, making learning to read a galloping good time.