Between Brothers (Wiley Brothers Book 0)

Between Brothers (Wiley Brothers Book 0)
Author: Brenda Barrett
Pages: 216
Goodreads Rating: 4.62
Published: November 21st 2017 by Jamaica Treasures

The Wiley family was unconventional. Joseph Wiley married Jennifer because he needed money and he kept his girlfriend Hannah because of love.

And in the interim three boys were born to his wife and three to his mistress. Six sons later, Joseph was realizing that his family life was too complicated; he needed a simpler solution for his sanity. Jennifer Wiley wanted her husband for herself; she despised his other family with a passion. She even forbid her sons to interact with Hannah's sons even though they lived just a stone throw from each other. There would be no playing happy families, not on her watch.

Joseph Wiley was hers and hers alone... And then one day, their lives as they knew it was torn apart and the Wiley brothers had to come together and had to learn to live together despite their past, despite the hate, despite the grief.