A Theory of Everything: From Absolutely Nothing to Sentience

A Theory of Everything: From Absolutely Nothing to Sentience
Author: Marc Damon Tiltman
Language English
Pages: 268
Goodreads Rating: 2.50
Published: January 11th 2017 by Roast Chainsaw Publishing

This book is the very first publication of a model which describes how the universe may have emerged from absolutely nothing yet had a cause. Some I am sure, will tear this book apart. Indeed, some of the principles within will undoubtedly seem ludicrous to many. There is much more to be achieved and this could take many more years, so as it stands, this book is a basic outline for your appraisal.

Could the universe have emerged from absolutely nothing, no space, no time, no energy, and no physical laws? Could absolutely nothing become something? If absolutely nothing can become something, then how? Is the universe infinite? What is gravity? These are just a few of the questions which shall be considered in: A Theory of Everything. This first publication also has a look at: Why the sun is an almost perfect sphere, The Black Hole Information Paradox, and the phenomenon known as, Spooky Action at a Distance, where information appears to be breaking the laws of physics. In the final chapter, there are some very thought provoking questions asked about life. A Theory of Everything is a book which will keep you awake all night - thinking.