Ambrosian: Book One of The Age of Vampires

Ambrosian: Book One of The Age of Vampires
Author: Siobhan Baxter
Pages: 317
Goodreads Rating: 3.00
Published: February 18th 2017 by FalconStorm Press

Tara never had any interest in vampires, but after a close encounter of the fanged sort, they have an interest in her. She is an ambrosian, a rare type of human that once bitten, must be bitten regularly or she will die. Caine, the vampire that quickened her blood, wants to help, but under vampire law humans have no rights except those granted to them by the vampire that owns them. When Tara refuses to submit to vampire ownership, Caine must find a way to protect her or she may end up in the hands of a vampire that cares nothing for what she wants