Five Doubts

Five Doubts
Author: Mary Caponegro
Language English
Pages: 136
ISBN10: 1568860595
Genre: Short Stories
Goodreads Rating: 3.93
ISBN13: 9781568860596
Published: November 1st 1998 by Marsilio Publishers

Mary Caponegro's latest exploration of narrative possibilities takes as a point of departure five arresting images from Italian art and culture: a Verrocchio painting, an Etruscan tomb, a Roman mosaic, a Renaissance manuscript and a Tombola board - five images that give rise to voices haunted by desire, doubt and death. Within these fictional meditations on Antiquity, the Renaissance, and contemporary life, she creates a tension between spirituality and materiality, between nature and culture, leveling artifice to blood and bone, as the first stage of a complex metamorphosis.