Author: C.T. Sloan
Language English
Pages: 39
Genre: Adult Fiction
Series The Secret Society
Goodreads Rating: 3.14
Published: March 23rd 2014

A CHANCE OPPORTUNITY One day, Jane Lundin was a salesgirl at a high-end Fifth Avenue boutique. The next day, she finds inside employed at Manhattan’s most exclusive and secretive club. LEARNING THE RULES Jane learns quickly about the three sacred rules at the Maximus Club - do not reveal the identity of club members, do not divulge anything you see inside the club and most importantly, do not fraternize with any club members. Before long, Jane finds herself in complete violation of the third rule when she is seduced by the heir to a powerful New York family. AND THEN BREAKING THEM Jane finds herself quickly enrapt with this dashing and mysterious heir to the city’s oldest family fortune. She also finds herself playing a cat and mouse game with other club members as Jane and Raymond engage in sexual encounters within the privileged and mysterious walls of “The Lair.” "Initiation" is the first book in "The Secret Society" trilogy Approx. 13,000 words