The Fundamentals of Digital Success: The Challenges Facing Digital Managers in 2014

The Fundamentals of Digital Success: The Challenges Facing Digital Managers in 2014
Author: Simon Nash
Language English
Pages: 42
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: August 10th 2014 by Grose & Nash

How many industries need be disrupted by technology before we begin to take notice? How many more times will we watch companies like Blockbuster go bankrupt before we begin to wonder if this digital technology might just have an impact after all? Technology is changing the way we consume media, interact with our friends and family, shop and spend money and more. It's also a challenging time for businesses. There's almost no element of business that isn't challenged by new technology. Finding your way through this can be difficult.

There are lots of futurists, strategists, planners and entrepreneurs claiming to have the latest magic bullet, the freshest understanding of what you as a business need to know and need to do. Far from being exhaustive, this is intended as a primer, highlighting the sorts of things that you should be thinking about if you are a digital decision maker, or looking to transfer into digital — whether you own your own business, or head up a digital team in an organisation.

It is a starting point, outlining the many opportunities that digital brings, whatever your sector. - - - Grose & Nash is an independent group of digital enthusiasts and evangelists. - - - About the Authors Simon Nash Simon worked his way up the ranks at Reading Room, learning valuable production and client skills as a digital project manager and account director. He now works as Planning Director in a role that encompasses both communications planning and digital transformation consultancy. Before that, he helped a small, full-service agency develop its strategic offering and occupied several challenging B2B and consumer marketing roles.

Outside work, Simon has managed a rock band, worked as a professional DJ, and independently promoted music, poetry, and comedy events. None of that ever led to fame and fortune, but he's met some amazing people, built a great contact list, and gained lots of creative inspiration along the way. Benjamin Grose Benjamin is Reading Room's Creative Content Consultant and Lead Content Designer. He is involved in a variety of projects, right from the creative conception stage, to the proposal and pitch, and through to the preparation and delivery of content. He has worked with a number of clients to create digital solutions, undertaking and consulting on content strategies to help organisations write, edit, govern, and publish content that is optimised for the web. He has written for the Guardian, and done his fair share of ghostwriting for international magazines, such as Government Technology Magazine, and Marketing Interactive SG. He completed a Masters Degree in Creative Writing at Bath Spa, and is a published author of both fiction and non-fiction. In the literary world he is represented by agent Lucy Luck of Lucy Luck Associates and Aitken Alexander Associates. He believes in simplicity of expression and novels that do not conform.

On a serious note, he is very much a cat person and hates having to look at his iPhone to tell the time.