Once I Knew a Spider

Once I Knew a Spider
Author: Jennifer Owings Dewey
Language English
ISBN10: 0802787002
Genre: Childrens
Goodreads Rating: 3.56
ISBN13: 9780802787002
Published: April 1st 2002 by Walker Childrens

"One day a spider appeared on the window ledge outside the glass. Right away she began to spin a web. " Thus begins an inspiring true story—a story of an expectant mother who develops an unexpected relationship with the spider that makes a home outside her window. As the summer and the mother's pregnancy progress, the spider is beginning its own circle of life. From its first graceful web, to its creation of a delicate egg sac, the spider lives through the fall season, and what should be the end of its life. But by a small miracle of nature, the orb weaver endures the snow and the winter, and stays with her eggs until spring. This gentle story with strikingly detailed illustrations reveals the exceptional magic in the everyday world, and how it can touch our lives. The parallel stories of the human mother and the spider show how stopping to observe nature can allow you to witness everyday miracles.

Additional in-depth information on spiders is included in an afterword.