Jochen Peiper, Justice Denied?

Jochen Peiper, Justice Denied?
Author: David G. Williams
Language English
Pages: 434
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: March 23rd 2014 by Two Moons Rising

Jochen Peiper was a Colonel in the Waffen SS. One of the wars most divisive men who was accused and convicted of more than 900 murders, yet he walked free after only a few years in prison, why? This book covers his whole life, from his humble beginnings in Berlin to his rise to full Colonel in the SS, and his participation in numerous campaigns in Europe and the Eastern Front. The story leads to the war crimes trial held in Dachau in 1946, the results of that trial, and the use of coercion and dubious interrogation methods leading up to it. Many guilty men walked free and many innocent men remained in jail. Others who were clearly guilty and named were never prosecuted at all. So badly was it conducted by the US military that it influenced the ending of further planned war crimes trials.

Rules were dismissed and what was supposed to be a shining example of justice became an embarrassing mess. If Peiper and his men were guilty of the crimes they were convicted of, why were the sentences never carried out? This book discusses all the possibilities as to why it all went wrong and examines why justice was denied to not only the victims but perhaps some of the accused as well. It also shines a light on Allied atrocities and asks why there were no war crimes trials for the victorious Allies. The failures at this trial had a lasting effect as other war crimes trials that were planned were then quietly cancelled. In the rush for justice something went terribly wrong and Justice was denied to many.