The Cup of Eleeje (The Epic of Ahiram, #4)

The Cup of Eleeje (The Epic of Ahiram, #4)
Author: Michael Joseph Murano
Language English
Pages: 725
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: December 18th 2017 by Candle Bright Books

Still reeling from the Urkuun’s onslaught, the Kingdom of Tanniin is facing existential threats.

Its survival will depend on the Silent Corps’s ability to execute a string of tightly coordinated cons and covert operations. Across the Great Sea, Ahiram and his motley crew scramble to defuse a complex plot aimed at the heart of the Maradite Kingdom. Simultaneously, Vily and Aquilina must race against time to prevent the Vanishing from swallowing untold innocent lives. But Sarand is creeping ever closer, aided by a formidable ally hellbent on destroying the female Seer in Tyrulan. Like an ancient oracle, the Cup of Eleeje beckons to Ahiram and calls him to a greater purpose, while Sharr awaits the opportune moment to control him.

With a snap of his fingers, the priest could combine the seemingly unrelated events of Tanniin and the Marada into a steely trap destined to ensnare Ahiram and turn him once and for all into a faithful servant of Baal.