Working with Tile

Working with Tile
Author: Tom Meehan
Language English
Pages: 202
ISBN10: 1561586773
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.86
ISBN13: 9781561586776
Published: October 18th 2005 by Taunton Press

Few building materials can match tile for durability, beauty, design -- and increasingly, popularity. This book combines an inspiring diversity of design ideas with well-illustrated, pro-level installation and repair techniques. Tiling begins with a full range of design inspiration and options, with chapters on the characteristics, pros, and cons of different types of tile. Included here is a varied selection of completed installations, both indoor and outdoor. Next come the details on tools and materials required for different projects.

This part of the book contains trade secrets, tool-buying tips, common techniques, and safety procedures-all designed to help readers get the most professional results possible.

The remainder is taken up with specific projects based on the authors' extensive installation and repair experience. Using a highly visual approach, this section enables them to follow a project from start to finish through concisely captioned step-by-step photos.