The Nephilim Conspiracy

The Nephilim Conspiracy
Author: B.C. Crow
Language English
Pages: 312
ISBN10: 1943239045
Genre: Science Fiction
Series Nephilim
Goodreads Rating: 4.86
ISBN13: 9781943239047
Published: August 1st 2015 by Blue House Publishing

Book 3 in the Nephilim Series, by B.


Crow The whole world is chaos. Not only is our modern society falling to pieces, but the public is about to learn the secret of Mars and it's relation to Earth. This revelation comes with a price. If people thought things were bad before, they ain't seen nothing yet! Back together again, sort of, Flint and Lydia must learn to work together, or else they'll have no chance at bringing peace to a shattering civilization.

In the end, one of them must die--else the greatest terrorist the world has ever known, will kill millions. But that's not all. Plans run deeper than either Flint of Lydia could have ever imagined. Books in this series: Book 1: The Nephilim Device Book 2: The Nephilim Effect Book 3: The Nephilim Conspiracy