Crisis, Revolution, and Russian Jews

Crisis, Revolution, and Russian Jews
Author: Jonathan Frankel
Language English
Pages: 324
ISBN10: 0521513642
Genre: Cultural
Goodreads Rating: 3.40
ISBN13: 9780521513647
Published: May 31st 2016 by Cambridge University Press

This collection of essays examines the politicization and the politics of the Jewish people in the Russian empire during the late tsarist period. The focal point is the Russian revolution of 1905, when the political mobilization of the Jewish youth took on massive proportions, producing a cohort of radicalized activists committed to socialism, nationalism, or both who would exert an extraordinary influence on Jewish history in the twentieth-century in Eastern Europe, the United States, and Palestine. Frankel describes the dynamics of 1905 and the leading role of the intelligentsia as revolutionaries, ideologues, and observers. But, elsewhere, he also looks backwards to the emergent stage of modern Jewish politics in both Russia and the West and forward to the part played by the veterans of 1905 in Palestine and the United States."