Final Option

Final Option
Author: Leighton Rockafellow
Language English
Pages: 294
ISBN10: 0982662238
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
ISBN13: 9780982662236
Published: July 23rd 2010 by Starsys Publishing Company

An out-of-control surgeon, an embezzling hospital administrator, and a client who wants to kill the doctor who ruined his life are the least of Larry Ross's problems. After narrowly escaping justice in a desperate dash to Mexico in Leighton Rockafellow's previous novel - Immaculate Deception, Lindy Roller is back in this latest installment of the pulse-pounding series, featuring the Tucson attorney and his partner, Bill Wilson. And this time Lindy is the hired killer for drug lord Juan Pacheco. As Ross struggles to put a stop to the mayhem caused by the reck surgeon, keep his severely injured client in check, and chase the trail of money as it hemorrhages out of the hospital's coffers, Lindy becomes the wild card, plunging into the midst of it all, with a contract to kill and vengeance on her mind. And just when Ross doesn't think it could get any worse, he finds himself in the middle of a lawsuit - where he is the defendant!