Lean Team Management

Lean Team Management
Author: Lawrence M. Miller
Language English
Pages: 300
ISBN10: 0578006081
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN13: 9780578006086
Published: by Lmmiller Consulting

The team in an organization is like the family in a society. It is the fundamental building block of trust and competence in an organization. As companies attempt to follow the efficiency of companies like Toyota or Honda, they often focus on the technical things and bypass the hard part - the culture, the human skills, style and systems of the organization. At the heart of that social system is the small work group, the team, both at the front line level and at all levels of management. The most effective organizations are built on the foundation of effective teams. This workbook presents the most essential practices and skills of effective work group and managing teams.

Lean Team Management takes the reader through the vital steps of managing process and performance to customer needs. This is the result of thirty years of hands-on experience implementing Team Management in organizations of every kind.