Mounted By The Cowboys

Mounted By The Cowboys
Author: Blane Thomas
Language English
Pages: 28
Genre: Erotica
Goodreads Rating: 3.15
Published: November 5th 2014 by Blane Thomas

I lay naked on my back, submissive in the soft dirt. The two men pounced on me without hesitation... My name is Chris, and I'm a Mary, a crass term for a guy who prefers the company of other men. I'm also a waiter at the Silver Coin Saloon, the best place in this Wild West mudhole known as Montacket. It was shaping up to be another boring night, but then in walked Kurt and Clover, two of the most handsome men I'd ever laid my eyes on. I saw how their eyes followed me, and I was thrilled. But before my desires could come to the surface, I was being used as a human shield by a trio of bloodthirsty bandits! Shot through and bleeding out, I accepted my fate. But Kurt and Clover wouldn't. Mysterious werewolves, they made a deal with a river spirit to save my life. I was saved, but a price had to be paid. But here's the thing... I was happy and eager to pay it. You must be over 18 years old to read! Over 7,000 words of an effeminate man sharing an evening with two alpha male werewolf cowboys in the Wild West.