Origin: A Dystopian Paranormal Romance Novel (Othala Witch Collection Sector 1)

Origin: A Dystopian Paranormal Romance Novel (Othala Witch Collection Sector 1)
Author: Rebecca Hamilton
Pages: 417
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 4.83
Published: December 15th 2017 by Evershade Publishing

Don’t fall in love with the Doomed Queen.

ALEC KLADIVO: Soldier. Hunter. Fool. When Alec was a boy, the border posts failed, and Ravagers infiltrated their sector. Through sacrificing his sister, he saved his city and gained the respect of Sector One’s Regent. Ever since that day, he has served his sector with unfailing loyalty and nobility. Until he met her. ADIRA CHOVANEK: Thief. Witch. Doomed Queen. In Sector One, there is no greater commodity than a witch. Which is exactly why each and every one of them are in hiding.

Should they be discovered by the hunters, they will suffer one of two fates—both of which end in death—un they can kill a Ravager and bring forth an heir for the sector’s Regent. The only problem is, the Regent is sterile, and would sooner exile a Doomed Queen than admit that to himself or anyone else. This is Adira's fate. THIRTEEN: The number of days before Adira’s death.

Alec has given Adira just under two weeks to turn herself in and accept her role as the only person who might be able to save their failing sector from certain extinction. And he’s spent each and every one of those days trying to convince her it is the right thing to do.

But what happens once he’s finally persuaded her, only to find out he’d been mistaken all along? Read what fans of The 100, Under the Dome, and Wayward Pines are hoping will be the next hit television drama when you scroll up and order your copy today!