Extinction Cycle: The Fourth Phase (Kindle Worlds) (Extinction NZ Book 2)

Extinction Cycle: The Fourth Phase (Kindle Worlds) (Extinction NZ Book 2)
Author: Adrian J. Smith
Pages: 303
Goodreads Rating: 4.88
Published: December 24th 2017 by Kindle Worlds

The Hemorrhage Virus tore through America and swept the globe, leaving no country untouched. New Zealand was no exception. Those infected mutated into monsters, monsters that became known as Variants. Seven weeks have passed since Jack and Dee’s quiet world shattered. Along with a small band of survivors, they fled to Mayor Island. Determined to help stem the Variant scourge, they volunteer for what remains of the army.

Led by Captain Ben Johns, a grizzly retired NZ SAS soldier, they are sent on a dangerous mission to rescue a scientist. They must call on all their skills and courage to overcome a deadly foe. Maggie Liontakis, an American veteran vacationing in New Zealand, finds herself imprisoned in a camp run by human traitors. Desperate to get home, she must use all her training to prevail against not only the monsters outside the fence, but also those that guard them. Colonel James Mahana finds himself overseeing a battalion of New Zealand's decimated armed forces. Taking over the untouched Great Barrier Island, he has to keep his charges and scared citizens in order so he can accomplish his goal of ridding the mainland of the Variants. But danger comes in many forms, and James must put his past aside and rely on untested soldiers. Behind it all, evil lurks. Evil that has a score to settle with the human survivors. They thought the worst was over, but humanity’s fight for the future of mankind has just begun.