Left On An Island (The Left Series Book 6)

Left On An Island (The Left Series Book 6)
Author: Christian Fletcher
Language English
Pages: 325
Genre: Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.60
Published: January 28th 2016

“Our ragged collection of survivors were in buoyant mood after narrowly escaping the horrors of Northern Ireland in the commandeered Russian Naval Warship. Crossing the Atlantic was the easy part. Trying to find our way to the Caribbean Islands proved more difficult than we’d anticipated. There was a lot of sea and not much land and the navigation skills of the ship’s crew was somewhat lacking.” “Eventually, we spotted land on the horizon and headed for the small island in sight. Disaster struck before we’d even reached the shoreline, preventing the ship from docking on the island.” “After an unsuccessful maintenance mission, Smith and I wound up ashore on the island, alone and unarmed. As our problems piled up, we knew getting back to the warship was going to be an almost impossible task.

Every turn we took seemed to half our chances of survival and double our odds of demise…” “Left On An Island” is the sixth apocalyptic zombie novel in the “Left Series.” Brett Wilde, Smith, Batfish and their Jack Russell dog, Spot are continually on the run, searching for sanctuary in a world where the remaining humans pose as many problems as the ferocious, flesh eating zombie hordes.