Occupied (a Zombie Horror Tale)

Occupied (a Zombie Horror Tale)
Author: Saul W. Tanpepper
Language English
Genre: Horror
Goodreads Rating: 3.10
Published: September 22nd 2012 by Brinestone Press

After a tragic accident leaves supermoto champion Stack Miller unable to race, his psychiatrist recommends an unorthodox treatment, which he flatly refuses, calling it quackery. His agent instead puts him on a plane to Bermuda for a little head-clearing R&R. But even in Bermuda, Stack is tormented by strange, often terrifyingly erotic nightmares.

Unable to escape from his memories of the crash, he tries to return Stateside, but strangeness takes a morbid turn for the worse when the unthinkable happens: a passenger dies of a mysterious ailment, only to rise again and terrorize the cabin.

As the infection spreads, Stack retreats to the only place he feels safe.

Cowering inside the cramped lavatory while the flight crew, including the pilot, succumb to the claws and teeth of the Undead, Stack eventually realizes that he is the only one left alive. Only he can decide whether the plane will land in LA with its monstrous cargo or to let it crash. Occupied is a novella from the horror collection Shorting the Undead & Other Horrors: a Menagerie of Macabre Mini-Fiction. Also includes an excerpt from the urban dystopian thriller GAMELAND, in which the Undead are avatars in a live-action, virtual reality survival gaming arcade located on Long Island. When a group of computers hackers break in, all hell breaks loose.

Getting in was easy, but getting back out is a killer.