The Gunsmith: A Practical Guide

The Gunsmith: A Practical Guide
Author: Leo Knox
Language English
Pages: 456
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.75
Published: March 18th 2014

“The Gunsmith: A Practical Guide” takes the art of weapon making and modification to a whole new level. Follow this incredible step-by-step guide for smoothing, timing, tuning, tampering with metal, re-barreling, sight modification, crafting replacement parts, and much more. Turn your old junk pistol into an incredible firearm worthy of a museum collection.

Accompanied by hundreds of illustrations, this manual is easy to follow and understand. Written by gun enthusiast and metal working expert Leo Knox, this book is sure to guide you no matter what kind of experience you have. From grizzled gunsmith to those just starting out, there is something for everyone!