Why Unicorn Drinks

Why Unicorn Drinks
Author: C.W. Moss
Language English
Pages: 144
ISBN10: 0062227149
Genre: Sequential Art
Goodreads Rating: 3.32
ISBN13: 9780062227140
Published: February 12th 2013 by It Books

Unicorns are just like us. They have problems, stresses, and like to blow off some steam. Author and illustrator C. W. Moss explores the psyche of the single-horned in his book, Why Unicorn Drinks.

A follow-up to Unicorn Being a Jerk, this volume of nearly 65 four-color illustrations and captions portrays the sad reality of life as a mythical creature, and reveals what drives Unicorn to the bottle. As fans of Moss' online comic undoubtedly know, Why Unicorn Drinks pours a double-shot of laughter and irreverence. You’ll never look at a unicorn the same way again.