Riding The Storm Of Life

Riding The Storm Of Life
Author: David Shoyombo
Language English
Pages: 235
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: July 2012 by ETTA Publishing Company

Riding The Storm of Life is a Christian book that looks deeply into the causes of adversity in life, and hence, the resulting painful experience. It analyzes proposed solutions from differing points of view – Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Muslims. The book contains practical examples of people who have gone through various adversities in life. Their experiences say it all! The book also gives insight to living a victorious Christian life despite uphill and daily battles. It literally demonstrates how to deal with adversities, or “ride the storm” when it shows up.

The back cover of the book summarizes it all: "…Be vigilant and careful as to what comes from your mouth, whether to curse or to b. Do not be involved in profane words again for whatever comes out of your mouth, goes out with power. Above all, be confident in God’s reward for your faithfulness in serving Him, is Peace. This is the peace, as promised by the Lord Jesus Christ, for doing His bidding. Your state of peace is a measure (like a thermometer to body temperature) of your relationship with God. When one is making a decision in a situation, and you experience a lack of peace, then; turn away from that decision. Be truthful in all your dealings and evaluate your daily walk with the truth that is established in God’s Holy book, the Bible and through the Holy Spirit in you. Acknowledge God in all your ways, seek Him while He may be found, and call on Him while he is near.

It is not just good enough to know God, but to know His will and follow it.

Remind yourself of the promise of God in Zechariah 10:11, “They will pass through the sea of TROUBLE; the surging sea will be subdued…” At the right time, even, when you are not looking or expecting, the storm will become a gentle whisper of adoration… We live in a time where truth often gets lost in the vastness of our supposed knowledge. Religious information can be overwhelming. Books, videos, blogs, websites, and the vast media available to us now are creating an educational confusion that distorts the truth and is holding many captive. David’s book shares both his educational and experiential journey to freedom through Jesus Christ. His work evaluates and shares some of the other major religions followed by a look into the truth that God left us with through the Bible. David’s love for Jesus and the Bible have compelled him to share with us his knowledge of the truth believing that it will set others free as it has himself.