Oak Island and Its Lost Treasure

Oak Island and Its Lost Treasure
Author: Graham Harris
Language English
Pages: 200
ISBN10: 0887804926
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.86
ISBN13: 9780887804922
Published: January 1st 1999 by Formac Publishing Company Limited

Oak Island, Nova Scotia remains a compelling mystery: for 200 years historians and treasure hunters have explored major excavations on this small island, and tried to recover valuables many believe are buried there. Graham Harris and Les MacPhie offer a new approach to the story.

Experienced underground engineers, they draw on the documented record to present a compelling and historically accurate description of the work originally done on the site, allowing them to define a narrow time frame in which the original workings were made. From this, they propose a particularly colourful figure as the possible originator of the enigmatic diggings. In Oak Island and Its Lost Treasure, Harris and MacPhie take the Oak Island mystery into the realm of serious archaeology and history.