Eva's Journey: A Young Girl's True Story

Eva's Journey: A Young Girl's True Story
Author: Hava Ben Zvi
Language English
Pages: 111
ISBN10: 0595307507
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.62
ISBN13: 9780595307500
Published: May 5th 2004 by iUniverse

No fiction could match the excitement of this real-life tale of suspense and survival. "Eva's Journey" zips along, touching only lightly on the tragedy at its core. The focus instead is on the combination of luck and Eva's amazing presence of mind that allow the Jewish teen to evade capture by the Nazis for four years in occupied Poland and Russia. "Eva's Journey" is a glorious story of the resilient spirit triumphant over some of the worst human savagery our world has endured." --Irene McDermott, author of "The Librarian's Internet Survival Guide" and Reference Librarian/System Manager, San Marino Public Library. "I was very moved and often teary-eyed as I read this story of the survival of this incredible child." --Tami Cutler, Elementary School-Teacher, Duarte, California. "I read the whole story, and it was excellent. I feel that it makes a significant contribution to the literature reflecting Jewish history and experience of that period, and would be useful to schools and historical and cultural organizations. I got quite caught up in the story, and thought it had a lot of feeling." --Kay Haugaard, Professor of Creative Writing, Pasadena City College and author of "No Place.